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martial arts schoolParks Taekwondo Academy offers Korean Traditional Style Taekwondo as well as Olympic style Taekwondo (sparring) with 25 years of experience. We also offer training for competitions for State and National based on World Taekwondo Federation. We seek to create the best training available and to develop and promote the growth of Taekwondo in our State.

We are committed to our students to provide the best training as possible, given our combined training experiences and competition experiences. We are family owned and provide an educational experience for student. We have taekwondo classes for both children and adults in addition to private lessons.

We are dedicated to making all our students experience Olympic Style Taekwondo Martial Arts which involves Focus, Self-control, Discipline, Confidence and Fitness. We believe that all these elements of training help your children improve academic school grades, general health and confidence. For a martial art school, contact us in Ocala, FL today.

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  • Educational
  • 25 Years' Experience
  • Family Owned